Manchester City £ 6700 football striker Bayern front Pa + four European Cup silver boots

According to the plan, Manchester City will buy a big-name striker this summer, but wanted to talk about the new aid before the arrival of Carlos Tevez off the Blue Moon hand. Currently, Manchester City first team, leaving only two striker Sergio Aguero and Dzeko, apparently unable to cope with four fronts next season, so Pellegrini’s team has no escape route, they have to add up front, The British newspaper “Independent” on the exposure of the shopping list of Manchester City, the total amounted to 66.9 million pounds. The paper said that the potential target of Manchester City total of four people, namely Bayern Gomez, Sevilla’s Negredo, Rome and Benfica’s Osvaldo Cardoso. Last season, Gomez was Man Zhu Qi away team starter, if finalized Bayern Dortmund Lewandowski, so Gomez will undoubtedly be more awkward position. Although Gomez has been gradually replaced Klose became the German national team center is being printed, but even if he was in the club matches are not played on the national team will certainly have an impact on its future, to know that next year is the World Cup years, so Ge Max needs to find a chance to provide a stable club, while Manchester City is the best choice, as I said before, the Blue Moon now only Aguero and Dzeko, plus the latter has not reused, so worth 20 million pounds Gomez entirely possible Ittihad play on the main court. As La Liga last season behind Messi, C Ronaldo and Falcao’s fourth striker Negredo have to Del Nido Sevilla showdown, explained his desire to want to go to the Champions League team development. Four years ago, Negredo from Almeria Transfers Seville, during the team played a total of 180 games and scored 85 goals, good efficiency . The statement said Dur’ngoi Negredo more and not have to sell products:. “We received a number of quotes, one of which is Atletico Madrid, others from outside Seville, Spain, will choose to offer the highest club to complete the transaction.” According to “transfer market” valuation, Negredo worth of 20 million euros, equivalent to 17 million pounds. One of the goals is Manchester City Roma striker Osvaldo considered in Serie A last season, he scored 16 goals in 29 games, the data is quite beautiful, but the Spanish coach Manuel Pellegrini period, Osvaldo also Spanish played ball, so he better understanding Chilean engineers. “The Independent”, said Osvaldo worth of 15.4 million pounds, but Manchester City will also face competition from Atletico Madrid, as the latter will be the number one player in the summer Falcao to 51.3 million pounds sold to Monaco, “Sheets Legion “is also currently xunqiang net. As Cardoso, having been over 30 years, but he has a horror of the Benfica goal efficiency, he has joined since 2007, he has scored 161 goals in 260 games, especially last season, Cardoso 46 war gains 33 goals, and with seven goals to become the European Cup silver boots, which aspire to achieve a breakthrough in the war in Europe, Manchester City is very attractive. In addition to the City Advantageously, Cardoso has a falling out with the team at the end of last season, the club must rejoin the provisions of its report on June 17, but Cardoso has not yet appeared. It is reported that Benfica has decided to clean Cardoso, the Portuguese giants offer is 14.5 million pounds, but the “Independent” that as long as took out 12.8 million pounds to Manchester City, they have a chance to win this Paraguayan striker.


Arsenal want to copy the formula value signings Carlos Tevez alternative aim Germany Titans

“The Sun” screen shot a few months ago, the British media broke the news that the players Carlos Tevez and Barry and several other expiring contracts might leave Manchester City this summer, is now, already 10 million worth Tevez transfer Juventus will be, and the next could turn to Barry. “The Sun” exclusive report today that Arsenal have locked the midfielder, is expected at a low price to bring it to the Emirates Stadium. In the early to join Manchester City, Barry is absolutely the main team, but in recent years as age, physical and Barry are the decline in the state. The transfer deadline day last summer, Manchester City spent 15 million pounds to introduce Harvey – Garcia, was originally intended to replace Barry and Yaya – Toure partner, but unfortunately not to force the former Real Madrid midfielder, was named the top ten parallel a lot of media The first, and therefore only continue to reuse Mancini Barry. But with Manchester City this summer to get early Fernandez Godinho, Barry awkward position once again. Currently, Barry’s contract with Manchester City only last year, and Manchester City not likely to do with the 32-year-old England international contract, so in order to avoid people and wealth in the coming year, which will be sold this summer, it becomes the most favorable decision for Manchester City. “Sun,” said the Arsenal is also aimed at this opportunity was ready to hand. It is reported that Barry at Manchester City was 100,000 pounds weekly, while Arsenal will naturally not given so paid, “Sun” revealed that the gunman might be with Barry signed two years, the treatment will reduce a lot of respect, but taking into account age and wealthy identity, Barry could eventually sign papers. A source on the “Sun”, said: .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. “Looks Arsenal being evaluated, of course, they have other goals, but they know Barry can work well.” Apart from Arsenal, Tottenham also Bari expressed interest in the White Hart Lane deliberately invested 3.5 million pounds to its introduction, replace Scott – Parker’s position. And if Arsenal finally get Barry failed to do so, then the “Sun” said the Gunners will Leverkusen midfielder Lars offensive – Bend. If Manchester City agreed to let Barry to leave because of the midfield talent, then the blue moon striker shortage can only be described as the employer. After sell Tevez, Aguero and Dzeko Manchester City only two shooters available, so they need to add fresh blood. In this regard, the “Daily Express” reported that Manchester City will join Roma striker Osvaldo battle. The 27 year old joined Oswal more than 2011 in Rome, the red wolf played so far a total of 57 games and scored 28 goals, field goals close to 0.5, which is already a top-class striker data. Last season, despite Osvaldo because trouble is long out of the squad outside, but he still scored 16 league goals in Rome. “Daily Express”, said Osvaldo worth of £ 15 million, which does not constitute any pressure on Manchester City. In fact Blue Moon only concern is that Atletico Madrid, the newspaper said “sheets Legion” also buy Osvaldo to replace heavily Falcao joined Monaco.

Manchester City Premiership cost of selecting a new tool containing new aid eligible for Wang

When Manchester City to sell Tevez after Juventus striker will thus make a vacancy, but during last two to three weeks, the City has been in the center for the introduction of Naples Cavani. However, since the past two days, but many British and Italian media have been expressed, although with Naples City had officially approached, but insisted Naples demanded 54 million pounds, so he has decided to abandon the introduction of Manchester City Cavani, and also began to consider other front will. According to the “Daily Mail” the latest news, Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has set its sights Benfica striker Cardozo and Brazilian striker Fred who, in addition, Swansea City center meters Chu Yicheng prey. “Daily Mail” said the Manchester City did not intend to spend much money buying Cardoso and Fred, but in favor of these two veteran Pellegrini to see Manchester City striker has been adjusted signings ideas, not Howard tend to buy when the play is at the high price shooter, but some of the cost is more prominent offensive killer. In fact from the “Daily Star” brought a related story can be corroborated speculation. The newspaper revealed that Manchester City are plotting to poach from Swansea Spanish striker meters Chu, and want to let him replace Carlos Tevez has left the band. M Chu called the Premier League last season cost the most prominent new aid, 2 million Mr. Premier League for the season scored 18 goals and helped Swansea League Cup aspirations. In fact, objectively speaking, it is Manchester City striker existing configuration to see, Aguero and Dzeko definitely worth Pellegrini trust, let alone this summer also introduced the Spanish international winger Navas, his fire can not be overlooked, and for Navas in the future to achieve what height in the Premier League, Iniesta view is that maybe you can become Bell II Navas, Barcelona star said: “Navas is a special player, he joined Manchester City in the beginning will Premiership defenders to great trouble. He ultrafast speed and cadence, you almost can only go forward with a foul to stop him. The only meet him on par Bell Premiership players only. “(Nasri) .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.

Manchester preseason list of 31 new nuclear enqueued Spain striker missed 2

Manchester City’s official website screenshots on Wednesday, Manchester City Manchester depart from the season opener in South Africa this summer warm-up in preparation for preseason. Currently Manchester City officials announced the 31-man squad for this summer’s warm-up match, where Sergio Aguero, Yaya – Toure and Kompany and other key players led the new aid Fernandez Godinho also out of them, but Schiel Navas tile and two Spanish internationals for participating in the Confederations Cup because of missed the list. The 31-man squad at Manchester City, the core players such as Kompany, Sergio Aguero and Yaya – Toure out of them, and some deep transfer rumors such as Richards, Kolarov, Sinclair and Dzeko, who is also coach Manuel Pellegrini’s plans. Of course, the lack of pre-season training is not a new face, a minor celebrity stars such as Kyu Dedi, Danny – Suarez, Razak and Bo Yata, who also successfully selected. Manchester City will usher in the July 14 this summer, the first warm-up match against Super Sport United, the game is “the Chilean engineer” coaching debut Manchester City, Manchester City in July 18 will be with another team in South Africa Team Ama Zulu second warm-up match. Will then travel to Hong Kong to participate in the Premier League Asia Cup, the other three participating teams are Tottenham, Sunderland and South China, Hong Kong, followed by the Allianz Arena in Munich, organized by Audi Cup, Bayern also join the team, AC Milan and Sao Paulo. Aguero and Pablo Zabaleta as previously represented Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers, will receive an additional vacation time, they will meet with Manchester City team in South Africa, then began preparing for the preseason. Premier League Asian Cup and the team representative of Spain in the Confederations Cup and the new aid Silva Navas will be held in Hong Kong to join. According to the British “Daily Telegraph” news, in buying Real Madrid defender Pepe was blocked, Lescott Manchester City had intended to remain in the array, coach Manuel Pellegrini said in an interview also said it would not sell the England defender. In Kolo – Toure this summer on a free transfer after leaving Manchester City defender position currently only captain Compagni, Nova Tower .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap football jerseys 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Milicic and Lescott, so even Lescott intend to leave for a can stable team playing opportunities, but Manchester City will continue efforts to leave the defense of the “Justice Bao”, wear handsome Lescott has promised to give enough chance to play to ensure that their access to the England manager Roy Hodgson’s study . Manchester City 31 preseason squad: Goalkeepers: Hart, Panticosa Limon, Richard – Wright, Johnson Defenders: Richards, Maicon, Zabaleta, Kolarov, Clichy, Lei Jike, Lescott, Kompany, Tower. Milicic, Bo Yata, Fassi Midfielders: Milner, Fernandez Godinho, Nasri, Barry, Danny – Suarez, Juan Adams, Sinclair, Harvey – Garcia, Rodwell, Razak, Yaya – Toure Forwards: Sergio Aguero, Dzeko, Kyu Dedi, Nimei, the Derwent – Cole

Manchester City Balotelli will sue Mancini only embarrassing to smooth things over

Balotelli perverse act always people do not understand, he can think about life in obtaining single-handedly, the same can also be unfair to the Court of Appeal against Manchester City. In the Premiership, due to internal disagreements between the club and the players and the league submitted an arbitration body to deal with is very rare, but the media still laughing, “the Manchester City Balotelli same surprise.” In the team from the Champions League, the league record under poor background, Balotelli Manchester City club out of the ticket have a deterrent effect, but really unfair. Manchester City are the reasons: the 20112012 season suspended for disciplinary been accumulated 11 games, the club made ​​a two-week withholding Balotelli’s £ 340,000 salary that is severely punished. Even the head of the bar of God missing strings have insisted that the team eventually won the league title last season, he really did not understand why the team to tangle here. No effect on negotiations and the club, he will report on the Premier League club arbitral tribunal .  Today is embarrassing but Manchester City club, although they publicly welcomed the Court of Arbitration for investigation, but was forced to put the matter before the media and the public infinite zoom. Premiership similar situation occurs rarely, and even professional players association officials said: “We try to avoid this from happening, but the players and the club have been irreconcilable.” Because even the Professional Footballers’ Association are at a loss, I do not know should support players or clubs. Of course, a fine of two weeks wages are a regular player’s contract in the most severe punishment, but added Manchester City refused to stand on the matter, but is confident to win, “the lawsuit.” Openly and destabilize the club, and perhaps only the bar of God will do. Manchester City’s practice is no problem, after all, Pakistan has been very lax discipline of God, but why not win the Premier League last season after opening a ticket, but additional penalties across the season, it is indeed difficult to understand. Today, the only explanation is that Balotelli debut derby defeat led to a flaw, he has become the team’s tumor. British media have claimed, revealed Manchester City hope Mancini off inside the bar of God. But Manchester City probably did not think God would so choose to destabilize Pakistan, if the lawsuit is really losing the fight, then the club’s majesty will inevitably compromised. According to the plan, Manchester City this week to celebrate Christmas themed shoot pictures, the club has repeatedly hinted Mancini be able to tell the disciple, hopes that Pakistan can take the initiative of God is absent. By convention, if the activity is equivalent to the absence of family portrait players will have been cleaned, yet I wonder if the idea of ​​the bar of God, if he appears, then the media will inevitably turn triggered heated debate. Of course, another reason why Mancini needs to act as the wicked? The reason is pretty simple, as is currently the club has opened an ultimatum Man handsome, Balotelli if he is to justify it, then get out together. Even the media revealed that the club has asked Mancini to sell Balotelli. Mancini has repeatedly praised Balotelli is a very talented player, but he also repeatedly criticized the personality of the Italian compatriots, “If he is a player of my teammates, I’ll blow his head every day . “The current situation, Mancini can only smooth things over, “Balotelli bad state now, so stay at home, which is the only reason. If you want to return to the team, he needs to train hard and when he played, he needs to do well. “WASHINGTON 张逸麟 the club after receiving heavy fines, the relationship between Balotelli and Manchester City seems to be difficult to bridge the point, there is no way to continue even Mancini “Hudu child.” Balotelli is to be fully isolated situation. Balotelli was suspended at Manchester City last season in the championship course of eight games, including the Nov. Liverpool received a red card in the match was suspended for one game, Jan. foot Parker head was suspended four games, and 4 month penalty against Arsenal, the result was suspended for three games. As a punishment, Balotelli Manchester City fined two weeks salary, worth 340,000 pounds, it is worth mentioning that two weeks pay fines but also professional players union maximum allowable limits. Balotelli believes the team last season to win the case against him should be investigated it is difficult to accept, so he appealed to the Premier League Disciplinary Committee, Premier League arbitration tribunal will hold a hearing on Wednesday. And if Balotelli appeal fails, he must not only accept the fine, you also need to hold a hearing to bear the cost of up to 5 digits. Regardless of the results of the hearing, Balotelli’s practice has been to let him and contradictions Manchester City has become very acute. He was not only excluded from the league last week, Manchester City and Reading lineup, but the club decided to let the team before the game to shoot a group photo on the Christmas theme, but not allowed to participate in the ballot. Generally speaking, if even the club’s activities are absent family portrait taken, was almost about to wash signal. This time the club let Balotelli Mancini to inform not to participate in the activities of a group photo shoot. The reason for this, but also to Mancini ultimatum if he continues to maintain Balotelli, then pack up and leave together with Balotelli. In the Manchester City team, Balotelli has been fully isolated, several members of some of the old players of Manchester City, as well as the coaching staff also believes that the current team’s locker room has been Balotelli upsets pandemonium, they even request manjhi Nigeria is considering the future of the team oust Balotelli. If Mancini still the same as before, “Hudu child”, he will be isolated. Obviously this time Mancini succumbed. After all, this is different from the past, in the Champions League this season with six teams battle 0 wins out, Mannich Mansur himself was sentenced to a “reprieve”, clay Buddha across the river itself is no guarantee. And Balotelli Mancini root if they lose the final straw, his days at Manchester City will be difficult.

Sohu Watch Manco lose blame you know you try so

(Guangyuan Tan from the bottom of Al Ittihad Stadium) in the winter of December, the British football is the hottest sport, but also decided during each season trend, the Manchester derby at this time to start. Recently, Sohu Watch the whole process thrilling Manchester derby. In the UK, Sunday morning general people are still asleep, also participated in the weekend or a week in the church, so in this case the City is quite quiet, just like the war on the eve of peace; 12:01 too, visiting the “originator of world football after referred to as “the national Football Museum, walking down the street in Manchester city center, began bustling up; in the northeast corner of Piccadilly Gardens, 10 buses have been waiting for a few more, wearing fluorescent green police have begun to control security, far afar, sky-blue dress with cheerful fans have came from all directions; when I arrived 达伊蒂哈德 stadium here already is a sea of ​​people, mixed with some scattered red spots. Today, the entire Manchester, is a big day, 2 times a year to the festival. 13:30, accompanied by the voices of the fans in the audience singing, Derby official opening, the beginning is always suppress Manchester United, created several good chances, but apparently poor state bar of God; while the Manchester United side though anti-hard, but they have captured the first half, only two chances at halftime, leading Manchester United 2-0 away to Manchester City. Blue Moon fans in mind at this time is anxious and uneasy, but they still have a chance to regain finds Manchester; Sure enough, after a goal • Ashley Young has been misjudged offside, Manchester City and created a lot of opportunity siege Degea door handles, Toure and two goals Saba Reta immediately let the audience raged, Blue fans dancing together, just when everyone thought would be the end to a draw, Robin Xia lore douse a record of all the Blue fans heart, indeed, for them, such as a roller coaster story is cruel; then this farce coins attacks and fans ran into the stadium took place . British police immediately deployed to endure, the away fans protected, separated by supporters of both teams, the Red Devils fans enjoy the stay in the stadium after the game shouting screaming, Fiat to vent their happiness. After the match, after a sold-out their half-hour wait, tired Mancini appeared frustrated, first talked to him about the perception of the game, Manchester United reaffirmed respect for such a formidable opponent, and praised Van Persie is Premier League’s best signings this year; an independent newspaper questioned the timing of his substitutions today, Mancini is a rare admitted improper own arrangements, this bit set to continue aggressive questioning Balotelli instead of Edin Dzeko starting Mancini quite unhappy, said: “Since you know so you can come take my position to try?” Obviously, as a commander is defeated depressed, especially after losing such an important game. After the war ended, outside the stadium quickly restored calm on Monday began a busy office workers are required to open a new week, life still has to continue; Yes, it is undeniable Manchester tonight belongs to the red, but who knows what tomorrow ?

Mancini Manchester United lore because I 爱巴洛特利 row wall failure

Palestinian fury of God ruthless stare godfather to leave Manchester United fans after the game was besieged December 9 evening 21:30, 201213 English Premier League season, the focus of the first 16 World War II staged at Al Ittihad Stadium, sits at home against Manchester City city ​​rivals Manchester United. Two teams of fans dedicated to a classic soul-stirring battle, with Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scored twice in the first half, made ​​two goals lead, the second half Manchester City launched a Jedi by Yaya Toure and Pablo Zabaleta Lianban two goals. In injury time, Van Persie scored a direct free kick on the road to help Manchester United Manchester City lore. After the game, Manchester City 15 league games unbeaten start to the season, cross-season home games unbeaten 37 was the end, while Manchester United get four in a row, continues to occupy the top spot, and extended the lead to six points. After the game, Mancini said in an interview: “In the derby is always difficult to accept losing, losing more difficult to accept that the way is lore at the last minute we have played the entire second half is. well, I was quite disappointed with this result. Manchester United’s first two scoring opportunities on all converted into goals, but we totally dominated in the next game, and the match and I think we in the final defense Persie when kick made ​​a mistake, we should not only discharged three of the wall, I think I will arrange four of the wall, but at that time I have not been communicated to the instructions on the pitch and this led to our mistake at the last moment conceded we should be able to better defend the free kick, we even have a chance to win the game, but after the final whistle sounded, do any of the efforts were in vain. “Mancini subsequently in the second half of his outset replaced Balotelli made ​​the explanation: “Mario did not do on the pitch today, we want him to complete the work, but he has an amazing talent, I 爱巴洛特利, Whether as a player or a person, but he needs to prove he can show his talent in the game today Balotelli arrangements I think the defense is starting to make his Manchester United can give more than enough trouble, I replaced him because I did not want him to waste his talent on the pitch, “Mancini was asked last tasted league experience this season, after the first defeat, he said:.” for us, nothing will change, we need to continue to work hard, we still have a long way to go and we have proved in the season we can slip in too many cases, the final points to win and my players are eager to win, this spirit can help us as soon as possible to come out from the shadow of defeat, I still believe we can get this season’s league and FA Cup double winners . Well, let’s continue talking about england soccer news.. “ruthless stare godfather Palestinian fury of God to leave Manchester United fans after the game was besieged people can not step twice into the same river, as the bar of God can not always windy Manchester City Derby. Dream Theater last season, scored twice off the hook, show “Why always me?” Shook the world famous bar of God, died down in the field Hutch remarkable meeting, attributed to silence his heroic stance of the desire to detonate Iraq Di Hade, but eventually had to leave like a clown, Baiyuncanggou, when life also. Face the Red Devils, of course, looking forward to yesterday once the bar of God, the former Manchester City Half are three great offensive threat with him: The first six minutes before the bar of God left rib 28 yards outside the field free kick was struggling to flutter Degea out; 5 minutes Houxierwa the ball Clichy cross from the left, after the Palestinian point of outflanking the face of God, half empty, right foot volley hit the super-large aircraft manufacturing unexpectedly; first 15 minutes Manchester City fought back, the bar of God Zhisai find Aguero, who destroyed Degea stopping mistakes. Three minutes before halftime, Barry Ferdinand back as strong leaning back to do, Barry 16 yards left foot shot missed. After the second half began, losing patience Mancini did not give too many opportunities to show the bar of God, who replaced him with Carlos Tevez in the first 51 minutes of Super Mario, Italy, under the direct demon front fury toward the locker room. After the anger fading, the bar of God to return to the bench, watching his Manchester City did not play better even pull two balls, but eventually more powerful Van Persie lore, Wanjiebubao. 2 shots hit 1 0 goals, 27 pass 20 times in place, five successful header Zhengding 2, 2 times extraordinary, once sent key ball, play the bar of God can only be used to describe the formal striker partner Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez much stronger than he was, a super substitute Edin Dzeko if it can get a little more playing time, Threatened Savior is also not impossible. God for the Pakistan team played the second lowest in 4 minutes: “He sometimes move in phase behind Aguero, active without the ball, but the striker failed to show character, no wonder Mancini open play after the second half it replaced the “authoritative” sky Sports “is mercilessly to the bar of God played a minimum of 4 points Manchester City audience, comments succinctly:”!! disappointing, “Do not blame the British media mean, green lakes already in the success of Heroes, not to mention on the status bar of God this season, he’s capable of starting lineup in Manchester derby is already a miracle. Since November, the bar of God on behalf of Manchester City played only two games starting with Manchester United’s key battle is his 3rd starting to play on behalf of the Blue Moon. 16 Premier League cruised before, the bar of God only one league goal in hand, with Tevez’s seven goals, Dzeko 6 goals, Aguero’s five goals in stark contrast. Super Mario Mancini betting against all the odds, is the hope he can carry on the season, Yu Yong, Manchester United to create a strong psychological deterrent. Little do they know that this moment was the secret weapon of every game is not effective, the Manchester United defender on the Ba unmarked to make it the focus of God completely misfiring, not to mention the current postman, far from its best last season. Although Balotelli on the pitch like never grow up, but he has been upgraded Dangdie! On Wednesday Balotelli’s girlfriend Raffaella in Naples gave birth to a 3.8 kg baby girl and named Pia, meaning “pious”, “sincerity.” When Raffaella childbirth bar of God is not present, he is followed by critical if Mr. Man City in Derby, you can give a small daughter with a goal as the best birthday present, how to Netfox Warriors, get good luck. “If Balotelli loves me and our children, you should marry me!” Raffaella producing female ago, straight from the heart, the court frustrated the bar of God, ready to take on family responsibilities yet?