Manchester City Premiership cost of selecting a new tool containing new aid eligible for Wang

When Manchester City to sell Tevez after Juventus striker will thus make a vacancy, but during last two to three weeks, the City has been in the center for the introduction of Naples Cavani. However, since the past two days, but many British and Italian media have been expressed, although with Naples City had officially approached, but insisted Naples demanded 54 million pounds, so he has decided to abandon the introduction of Manchester City Cavani, and also began to consider other front will. According to the “Daily Mail” the latest news, Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has set its sights Benfica striker Cardozo and Brazilian striker Fred who, in addition, Swansea City center meters Chu Yicheng prey. “Daily Mail” said the Manchester City did not intend to spend much money buying Cardoso and Fred, but in favor of these two veteran Pellegrini to see Manchester City striker has been adjusted signings ideas, not Howard tend to buy when the play is at the high price shooter, but some of the cost is more prominent offensive killer. In fact from the “Daily Star” brought a related story can be corroborated speculation. The newspaper revealed that Manchester City are plotting to poach from Swansea Spanish striker meters Chu, and want to let him replace Carlos Tevez has left the band. M Chu called the Premier League last season cost the most prominent new aid, 2 million Mr. Premier League for the season scored 18 goals and helped Swansea League Cup aspirations. In fact, objectively speaking, it is Manchester City striker existing configuration to see, Aguero and Dzeko definitely worth Pellegrini trust, let alone this summer also introduced the Spanish international winger Navas, his fire can not be overlooked, and for Navas in the future to achieve what height in the Premier League, Iniesta view is that maybe you can become Bell II Navas, Barcelona star said: “Navas is a special player, he joined Manchester City in the beginning will Premiership defenders to great trouble. He ultrafast speed and cadence, you almost can only go forward with a foul to stop him. The only meet him on par Bell Premiership players only. “(Nasri) .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.


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