Manchester City £ 6700 football striker Bayern front Pa + four European Cup silver boots

According to the plan, Manchester City will buy a big-name striker this summer, but wanted to talk about the new aid before the arrival of Carlos Tevez off the Blue Moon hand. Currently, Manchester City first team, leaving only two striker Sergio Aguero and Dzeko, apparently unable to cope with four fronts next season, so Pellegrini’s team has no escape route, they have to add up front, The British newspaper “Independent” on the exposure of the shopping list of Manchester City, the total amounted to 66.9 million pounds. The paper said that the potential target of Manchester City total of four people, namely Bayern Gomez, Sevilla’s Negredo, Rome and Benfica’s Osvaldo Cardoso. Last season, Gomez was Man Zhu Qi away team starter, if finalized Bayern Dortmund Lewandowski, so Gomez will undoubtedly be more awkward position. Although Gomez has been gradually replaced Klose became the German national team center is being printed, but even if he was in the club matches are not played on the national team will certainly have an impact on its future, to know that next year is the World Cup years, so Ge Max needs to find a chance to provide a stable club, while Manchester City is the best choice, as I said before, the Blue Moon now only Aguero and Dzeko, plus the latter has not reused, so worth 20 million pounds Gomez entirely possible Ittihad play on the main court. As La Liga last season behind Messi, C Ronaldo and Falcao’s fourth striker Negredo have to Del Nido Sevilla showdown, explained his desire to want to go to the Champions League team development. Four years ago, Negredo from Almeria Transfers Seville, during the team played a total of 180 games and scored 85 goals, good efficiency . The statement said Dur’ngoi Negredo more and not have to sell products:. “We received a number of quotes, one of which is Atletico Madrid, others from outside Seville, Spain, will choose to offer the highest club to complete the transaction.” According to “transfer market” valuation, Negredo worth of 20 million euros, equivalent to 17 million pounds. One of the goals is Manchester City Roma striker Osvaldo considered in Serie A last season, he scored 16 goals in 29 games, the data is quite beautiful, but the Spanish coach Manuel Pellegrini period, Osvaldo also Spanish played ball, so he better understanding Chilean engineers. “The Independent”, said Osvaldo worth of 15.4 million pounds, but Manchester City will also face competition from Atletico Madrid, as the latter will be the number one player in the summer Falcao to 51.3 million pounds sold to Monaco, “Sheets Legion “is also currently xunqiang net. As Cardoso, having been over 30 years, but he has a horror of the Benfica goal efficiency, he has joined since 2007, he has scored 161 goals in 260 games, especially last season, Cardoso 46 war gains 33 goals, and with seven goals to become the European Cup silver boots, which aspire to achieve a breakthrough in the war in Europe, Manchester City is very attractive. In addition to the City Advantageously, Cardoso has a falling out with the team at the end of last season, the club must rejoin the provisions of its report on June 17, but Cardoso has not yet appeared. It is reported that Benfica has decided to clean Cardoso, the Portuguese giants offer is 14.5 million pounds, but the “Independent” that as long as took out 12.8 million pounds to Manchester City, they have a chance to win this Paraguayan striker.


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