Arsenal want to copy the formula value signings Carlos Tevez alternative aim Germany Titans

“The Sun” screen shot a few months ago, the British media broke the news that the players Carlos Tevez and Barry and several other expiring contracts might leave Manchester City this summer, is now, already 10 million worth Tevez transfer Juventus will be, and the next could turn to Barry. “The Sun” exclusive report today that Arsenal have locked the midfielder, is expected at a low price to bring it to the Emirates Stadium. In the early to join Manchester City, Barry is absolutely the main team, but in recent years as age, physical and Barry are the decline in the state. The transfer deadline day last summer, Manchester City spent 15 million pounds to introduce Harvey – Garcia, was originally intended to replace Barry and Yaya – Toure partner, but unfortunately not to force the former Real Madrid midfielder, was named the top ten parallel a lot of media The first, and therefore only continue to reuse Mancini Barry. But with Manchester City this summer to get early Fernandez Godinho, Barry awkward position once again. Currently, Barry’s contract with Manchester City only last year, and Manchester City not likely to do with the 32-year-old England international contract, so in order to avoid people and wealth in the coming year, which will be sold this summer, it becomes the most favorable decision for Manchester City. “Sun,” said the Arsenal is also aimed at this opportunity was ready to hand. It is reported that Barry at Manchester City was 100,000 pounds weekly, while Arsenal will naturally not given so paid, “Sun” revealed that the gunman might be with Barry signed two years, the treatment will reduce a lot of respect, but taking into account age and wealthy identity, Barry could eventually sign papers. A source on the “Sun”, said: .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. “Looks Arsenal being evaluated, of course, they have other goals, but they know Barry can work well.” Apart from Arsenal, Tottenham also Bari expressed interest in the White Hart Lane deliberately invested 3.5 million pounds to its introduction, replace Scott – Parker’s position. And if Arsenal finally get Barry failed to do so, then the “Sun” said the Gunners will Leverkusen midfielder Lars offensive – Bend. If Manchester City agreed to let Barry to leave because of the midfield talent, then the blue moon striker shortage can only be described as the employer. After sell Tevez, Aguero and Dzeko Manchester City only two shooters available, so they need to add fresh blood. In this regard, the “Daily Express” reported that Manchester City will join Roma striker Osvaldo battle. The 27 year old joined Oswal more than 2011 in Rome, the red wolf played so far a total of 57 games and scored 28 goals, field goals close to 0.5, which is already a top-class striker data. Last season, despite Osvaldo because trouble is long out of the squad outside, but he still scored 16 league goals in Rome. “Daily Express”, said Osvaldo worth of £ 15 million, which does not constitute any pressure on Manchester City. In fact Blue Moon only concern is that Atletico Madrid, the newspaper said “sheets Legion” also buy Osvaldo to replace heavily Falcao joined Monaco.


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