Manchester City Balotelli will sue Mancini only embarrassing to smooth things over

Balotelli perverse act always people do not understand, he can think about life in obtaining single-handedly, the same can also be unfair to the Court of Appeal against Manchester City. In the Premiership, due to internal disagreements between the club and the players and the league submitted an arbitration body to deal with is very rare, but the media still laughing, “the Manchester City Balotelli same surprise.” In the team from the Champions League, the league record under poor background, Balotelli Manchester City club out of the ticket have a deterrent effect, but really unfair. Manchester City are the reasons: the 20112012 season suspended for disciplinary been accumulated 11 games, the club made ​​a two-week withholding Balotelli’s £ 340,000 salary that is severely punished. Even the head of the bar of God missing strings have insisted that the team eventually won the league title last season, he really did not understand why the team to tangle here. No effect on negotiations and the club, he will report on the Premier League club arbitral tribunal .  Today is embarrassing but Manchester City club, although they publicly welcomed the Court of Arbitration for investigation, but was forced to put the matter before the media and the public infinite zoom. Premiership similar situation occurs rarely, and even professional players association officials said: “We try to avoid this from happening, but the players and the club have been irreconcilable.” Because even the Professional Footballers’ Association are at a loss, I do not know should support players or clubs. Of course, a fine of two weeks wages are a regular player’s contract in the most severe punishment, but added Manchester City refused to stand on the matter, but is confident to win, “the lawsuit.” Openly and destabilize the club, and perhaps only the bar of God will do. Manchester City’s practice is no problem, after all, Pakistan has been very lax discipline of God, but why not win the Premier League last season after opening a ticket, but additional penalties across the season, it is indeed difficult to understand. Today, the only explanation is that Balotelli debut derby defeat led to a flaw, he has become the team’s tumor. British media have claimed, revealed Manchester City hope Mancini off inside the bar of God. But Manchester City probably did not think God would so choose to destabilize Pakistan, if the lawsuit is really losing the fight, then the club’s majesty will inevitably compromised. According to the plan, Manchester City this week to celebrate Christmas themed shoot pictures, the club has repeatedly hinted Mancini be able to tell the disciple, hopes that Pakistan can take the initiative of God is absent. By convention, if the activity is equivalent to the absence of family portrait players will have been cleaned, yet I wonder if the idea of ​​the bar of God, if he appears, then the media will inevitably turn triggered heated debate. Of course, another reason why Mancini needs to act as the wicked? The reason is pretty simple, as is currently the club has opened an ultimatum Man handsome, Balotelli if he is to justify it, then get out together. Even the media revealed that the club has asked Mancini to sell Balotelli. Mancini has repeatedly praised Balotelli is a very talented player, but he also repeatedly criticized the personality of the Italian compatriots, “If he is a player of my teammates, I’ll blow his head every day . “The current situation, Mancini can only smooth things over, “Balotelli bad state now, so stay at home, which is the only reason. If you want to return to the team, he needs to train hard and when he played, he needs to do well. “WASHINGTON 张逸麟 the club after receiving heavy fines, the relationship between Balotelli and Manchester City seems to be difficult to bridge the point, there is no way to continue even Mancini “Hudu child.” Balotelli is to be fully isolated situation. Balotelli was suspended at Manchester City last season in the championship course of eight games, including the Nov. Liverpool received a red card in the match was suspended for one game, Jan. foot Parker head was suspended four games, and 4 month penalty against Arsenal, the result was suspended for three games. As a punishment, Balotelli Manchester City fined two weeks salary, worth 340,000 pounds, it is worth mentioning that two weeks pay fines but also professional players union maximum allowable limits. Balotelli believes the team last season to win the case against him should be investigated it is difficult to accept, so he appealed to the Premier League Disciplinary Committee, Premier League arbitration tribunal will hold a hearing on Wednesday. And if Balotelli appeal fails, he must not only accept the fine, you also need to hold a hearing to bear the cost of up to 5 digits. Regardless of the results of the hearing, Balotelli’s practice has been to let him and contradictions Manchester City has become very acute. He was not only excluded from the league last week, Manchester City and Reading lineup, but the club decided to let the team before the game to shoot a group photo on the Christmas theme, but not allowed to participate in the ballot. Generally speaking, if even the club’s activities are absent family portrait taken, was almost about to wash signal. This time the club let Balotelli Mancini to inform not to participate in the activities of a group photo shoot. The reason for this, but also to Mancini ultimatum if he continues to maintain Balotelli, then pack up and leave together with Balotelli. In the Manchester City team, Balotelli has been fully isolated, several members of some of the old players of Manchester City, as well as the coaching staff also believes that the current team’s locker room has been Balotelli upsets pandemonium, they even request manjhi Nigeria is considering the future of the team oust Balotelli. If Mancini still the same as before, “Hudu child”, he will be isolated. Obviously this time Mancini succumbed. After all, this is different from the past, in the Champions League this season with six teams battle 0 wins out, Mannich Mansur himself was sentenced to a “reprieve”, clay Buddha across the river itself is no guarantee. And Balotelli Mancini root if they lose the final straw, his days at Manchester City will be difficult.


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