Sohu Watch Manco lose blame you know you try so

(Guangyuan Tan from the bottom of Al Ittihad Stadium) in the winter of December, the British football is the hottest sport, but also decided during each season trend, the Manchester derby at this time to start. Recently, Sohu Watch the whole process thrilling Manchester derby. In the UK, Sunday morning general people are still asleep, also participated in the weekend or a week in the church, so in this case the City is quite quiet, just like the war on the eve of peace; 12:01 too, visiting the “originator of world football after referred to as “the national Football Museum, walking down the street in Manchester city center, began bustling up; in the northeast corner of Piccadilly Gardens, 10 buses have been waiting for a few more, wearing fluorescent green police have begun to control security, far afar, sky-blue dress with cheerful fans have came from all directions; when I arrived 达伊蒂哈德 stadium here already is a sea of ​​people, mixed with some scattered red spots. Today, the entire Manchester, is a big day, 2 times a year to the festival. 13:30, accompanied by the voices of the fans in the audience singing, Derby official opening, the beginning is always suppress Manchester United, created several good chances, but apparently poor state bar of God; while the Manchester United side though anti-hard, but they have captured the first half, only two chances at halftime, leading Manchester United 2-0 away to Manchester City. Blue Moon fans in mind at this time is anxious and uneasy, but they still have a chance to regain finds Manchester; Sure enough, after a goal • Ashley Young has been misjudged offside, Manchester City and created a lot of opportunity siege Degea door handles, Toure and two goals Saba Reta immediately let the audience raged, Blue fans dancing together, just when everyone thought would be the end to a draw, Robin Xia lore douse a record of all the Blue fans heart, indeed, for them, such as a roller coaster story is cruel; then this farce coins attacks and fans ran into the stadium took place . British police immediately deployed to endure, the away fans protected, separated by supporters of both teams, the Red Devils fans enjoy the stay in the stadium after the game shouting screaming, Fiat to vent their happiness. After the match, after a sold-out their half-hour wait, tired Mancini appeared frustrated, first talked to him about the perception of the game, Manchester United reaffirmed respect for such a formidable opponent, and praised Van Persie is Premier League’s best signings this year; an independent newspaper questioned the timing of his substitutions today, Mancini is a rare admitted improper own arrangements, this bit set to continue aggressive questioning Balotelli instead of Edin Dzeko starting Mancini quite unhappy, said: “Since you know so you can come take my position to try?” Obviously, as a commander is defeated depressed, especially after losing such an important game. After the war ended, outside the stadium quickly restored calm on Monday began a busy office workers are required to open a new week, life still has to continue; Yes, it is undeniable Manchester tonight belongs to the red, but who knows what tomorrow ?


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