Mancini Manchester United lore because I 爱巴洛特利 row wall failure

Palestinian fury of God ruthless stare godfather to leave Manchester United fans after the game was besieged December 9 evening 21:30, 201213 English Premier League season, the focus of the first 16 World War II staged at Al Ittihad Stadium, sits at home against Manchester City city ​​rivals Manchester United. Two teams of fans dedicated to a classic soul-stirring battle, with Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scored twice in the first half, made ​​two goals lead, the second half Manchester City launched a Jedi by Yaya Toure and Pablo Zabaleta Lianban two goals. In injury time, Van Persie scored a direct free kick on the road to help Manchester United Manchester City lore. After the game, Manchester City 15 league games unbeaten start to the season, cross-season home games unbeaten 37 was the end, while Manchester United get four in a row, continues to occupy the top spot, and extended the lead to six points. After the game, Mancini said in an interview: “In the derby is always difficult to accept losing, losing more difficult to accept that the way is lore at the last minute we have played the entire second half is. well, I was quite disappointed with this result. Manchester United’s first two scoring opportunities on all converted into goals, but we totally dominated in the next game, and the match and I think we in the final defense Persie when kick made ​​a mistake, we should not only discharged three of the wall, I think I will arrange four of the wall, but at that time I have not been communicated to the instructions on the pitch and this led to our mistake at the last moment conceded we should be able to better defend the free kick, we even have a chance to win the game, but after the final whistle sounded, do any of the efforts were in vain. “Mancini subsequently in the second half of his outset replaced Balotelli made ​​the explanation: “Mario did not do on the pitch today, we want him to complete the work, but he has an amazing talent, I 爱巴洛特利, Whether as a player or a person, but he needs to prove he can show his talent in the game today Balotelli arrangements I think the defense is starting to make his Manchester United can give more than enough trouble, I replaced him because I did not want him to waste his talent on the pitch, “Mancini was asked last tasted league experience this season, after the first defeat, he said:.” for us, nothing will change, we need to continue to work hard, we still have a long way to go and we have proved in the season we can slip in too many cases, the final points to win and my players are eager to win, this spirit can help us as soon as possible to come out from the shadow of defeat, I still believe we can get this season’s league and FA Cup double winners . Well, let’s continue talking about england soccer news.. “ruthless stare godfather Palestinian fury of God to leave Manchester United fans after the game was besieged people can not step twice into the same river, as the bar of God can not always windy Manchester City Derby. Dream Theater last season, scored twice off the hook, show “Why always me?” Shook the world famous bar of God, died down in the field Hutch remarkable meeting, attributed to silence his heroic stance of the desire to detonate Iraq Di Hade, but eventually had to leave like a clown, Baiyuncanggou, when life also. Face the Red Devils, of course, looking forward to yesterday once the bar of God, the former Manchester City Half are three great offensive threat with him: The first six minutes before the bar of God left rib 28 yards outside the field free kick was struggling to flutter Degea out; 5 minutes Houxierwa the ball Clichy cross from the left, after the Palestinian point of outflanking the face of God, half empty, right foot volley hit the super-large aircraft manufacturing unexpectedly; first 15 minutes Manchester City fought back, the bar of God Zhisai find Aguero, who destroyed Degea stopping mistakes. Three minutes before halftime, Barry Ferdinand back as strong leaning back to do, Barry 16 yards left foot shot missed. After the second half began, losing patience Mancini did not give too many opportunities to show the bar of God, who replaced him with Carlos Tevez in the first 51 minutes of Super Mario, Italy, under the direct demon front fury toward the locker room. After the anger fading, the bar of God to return to the bench, watching his Manchester City did not play better even pull two balls, but eventually more powerful Van Persie lore, Wanjiebubao. 2 shots hit 1 0 goals, 27 pass 20 times in place, five successful header Zhengding 2, 2 times extraordinary, once sent key ball, play the bar of God can only be used to describe the formal striker partner Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez much stronger than he was, a super substitute Edin Dzeko if it can get a little more playing time, Threatened Savior is also not impossible. God for the Pakistan team played the second lowest in 4 minutes: “He sometimes move in phase behind Aguero, active without the ball, but the striker failed to show character, no wonder Mancini open play after the second half it replaced the “authoritative” sky Sports “is mercilessly to the bar of God played a minimum of 4 points Manchester City audience, comments succinctly:”!! disappointing, “Do not blame the British media mean, green lakes already in the success of Heroes, not to mention on the status bar of God this season, he’s capable of starting lineup in Manchester derby is already a miracle. Since November, the bar of God on behalf of Manchester City played only two games starting with Manchester United’s key battle is his 3rd starting to play on behalf of the Blue Moon. 16 Premier League cruised before, the bar of God only one league goal in hand, with Tevez’s seven goals, Dzeko 6 goals, Aguero’s five goals in stark contrast. Super Mario Mancini betting against all the odds, is the hope he can carry on the season, Yu Yong, Manchester United to create a strong psychological deterrent. Little do they know that this moment was the secret weapon of every game is not effective, the Manchester United defender on the Ba unmarked to make it the focus of God completely misfiring, not to mention the current postman, far from its best last season. Although Balotelli on the pitch like never grow up, but he has been upgraded Dangdie! On Wednesday Balotelli’s girlfriend Raffaella in Naples gave birth to a 3.8 kg baby girl and named Pia, meaning “pious”, “sincerity.” When Raffaella childbirth bar of God is not present, he is followed by critical if Mr. Man City in Derby, you can give a small daughter with a goal as the best birthday present, how to Netfox Warriors, get good luck. “If Balotelli loves me and our children, you should marry me!” Raffaella producing female ago, straight from the heart, the court frustrated the bar of God, ready to take on family responsibilities yet?


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