Manchester City Balotelli will sue Mancini only embarrassing to smooth things over

Balotelli perverse act always people do not understand, he can think about life in obtaining single-handedly, the same can also be unfair to the Court of Appeal against Manchester City. In the Premiership, due to internal disagreements between the club and the players and the league submitted an arbitration body to deal with is very rare, but the media still laughing, “the Manchester City Balotelli same surprise.” In the team from the Champions League, the league record under poor background, Balotelli Manchester City club out of the ticket have a deterrent effect, but really unfair. Manchester City are the reasons: the 20112012 season suspended for disciplinary been accumulated 11 games, the club made ​​a two-week withholding Balotelli’s £ 340,000 salary that is severely punished. Even the head of the bar of God missing strings have insisted that the team eventually won the league title last season, he really did not understand why the team to tangle here. No effect on negotiations and the club, he will report on the Premier League club arbitral tribunal .  Today is embarrassing but Manchester City club, although they publicly welcomed the Court of Arbitration for investigation, but was forced to put the matter before the media and the public infinite zoom. Premiership similar situation occurs rarely, and even professional players association officials said: “We try to avoid this from happening, but the players and the club have been irreconcilable.” Because even the Professional Footballers’ Association are at a loss, I do not know should support players or clubs. Of course, a fine of two weeks wages are a regular player’s contract in the most severe punishment, but added Manchester City refused to stand on the matter, but is confident to win, “the lawsuit.” Openly and destabilize the club, and perhaps only the bar of God will do. Manchester City’s practice is no problem, after all, Pakistan has been very lax discipline of God, but why not win the Premier League last season after opening a ticket, but additional penalties across the season, it is indeed difficult to understand. Today, the only explanation is that Balotelli debut derby defeat led to a flaw, he has become the team’s tumor. British media have claimed, revealed Manchester City hope Mancini off inside the bar of God. But Manchester City probably did not think God would so choose to destabilize Pakistan, if the lawsuit is really losing the fight, then the club’s majesty will inevitably compromised. According to the plan, Manchester City this week to celebrate Christmas themed shoot pictures, the club has repeatedly hinted Mancini be able to tell the disciple, hopes that Pakistan can take the initiative of God is absent. By convention, if the activity is equivalent to the absence of family portrait players will have been cleaned, yet I wonder if the idea of ​​the bar of God, if he appears, then the media will inevitably turn triggered heated debate. Of course, another reason why Mancini needs to act as the wicked? The reason is pretty simple, as is currently the club has opened an ultimatum Man handsome, Balotelli if he is to justify it, then get out together. Even the media revealed that the club has asked Mancini to sell Balotelli. Mancini has repeatedly praised Balotelli is a very talented player, but he also repeatedly criticized the personality of the Italian compatriots, “If he is a player of my teammates, I’ll blow his head every day . “The current situation, Mancini can only smooth things over, “Balotelli bad state now, so stay at home, which is the only reason. If you want to return to the team, he needs to train hard and when he played, he needs to do well. “WASHINGTON 张逸麟 the club after receiving heavy fines, the relationship between Balotelli and Manchester City seems to be difficult to bridge the point, there is no way to continue even Mancini “Hudu child.” Balotelli is to be fully isolated situation. Balotelli was suspended at Manchester City last season in the championship course of eight games, including the Nov. Liverpool received a red card in the match was suspended for one game, Jan. foot Parker head was suspended four games, and 4 month penalty against Arsenal, the result was suspended for three games. As a punishment, Balotelli Manchester City fined two weeks salary, worth 340,000 pounds, it is worth mentioning that two weeks pay fines but also professional players union maximum allowable limits. Balotelli believes the team last season to win the case against him should be investigated it is difficult to accept, so he appealed to the Premier League Disciplinary Committee, Premier League arbitration tribunal will hold a hearing on Wednesday. And if Balotelli appeal fails, he must not only accept the fine, you also need to hold a hearing to bear the cost of up to 5 digits. Regardless of the results of the hearing, Balotelli’s practice has been to let him and contradictions Manchester City has become very acute. He was not only excluded from the league last week, Manchester City and Reading lineup, but the club decided to let the team before the game to shoot a group photo on the Christmas theme, but not allowed to participate in the ballot. Generally speaking, if even the club’s activities are absent family portrait taken, was almost about to wash signal. This time the club let Balotelli Mancini to inform not to participate in the activities of a group photo shoot. The reason for this, but also to Mancini ultimatum if he continues to maintain Balotelli, then pack up and leave together with Balotelli. In the Manchester City team, Balotelli has been fully isolated, several members of some of the old players of Manchester City, as well as the coaching staff also believes that the current team’s locker room has been Balotelli upsets pandemonium, they even request manjhi Nigeria is considering the future of the team oust Balotelli. If Mancini still the same as before, “Hudu child”, he will be isolated. Obviously this time Mancini succumbed. After all, this is different from the past, in the Champions League this season with six teams battle 0 wins out, Mannich Mansur himself was sentenced to a “reprieve”, clay Buddha across the river itself is no guarantee. And Balotelli Mancini root if they lose the final straw, his days at Manchester City will be difficult.


Sohu Watch Manco lose blame you know you try so

(Guangyuan Tan from the bottom of Al Ittihad Stadium) in the winter of December, the British football is the hottest sport, but also decided during each season trend, the Manchester derby at this time to start. Recently, Sohu Watch the whole process thrilling Manchester derby. In the UK, Sunday morning general people are still asleep, also participated in the weekend or a week in the church, so in this case the City is quite quiet, just like the war on the eve of peace; 12:01 too, visiting the “originator of world football after referred to as “the national Football Museum, walking down the street in Manchester city center, began bustling up; in the northeast corner of Piccadilly Gardens, 10 buses have been waiting for a few more, wearing fluorescent green police have begun to control security, far afar, sky-blue dress with cheerful fans have came from all directions; when I arrived 达伊蒂哈德 stadium here already is a sea of ​​people, mixed with some scattered red spots. Today, the entire Manchester, is a big day, 2 times a year to the festival. 13:30, accompanied by the voices of the fans in the audience singing, Derby official opening, the beginning is always suppress Manchester United, created several good chances, but apparently poor state bar of God; while the Manchester United side though anti-hard, but they have captured the first half, only two chances at halftime, leading Manchester United 2-0 away to Manchester City. Blue Moon fans in mind at this time is anxious and uneasy, but they still have a chance to regain finds Manchester; Sure enough, after a goal • Ashley Young has been misjudged offside, Manchester City and created a lot of opportunity siege Degea door handles, Toure and two goals Saba Reta immediately let the audience raged, Blue fans dancing together, just when everyone thought would be the end to a draw, Robin Xia lore douse a record of all the Blue fans heart, indeed, for them, such as a roller coaster story is cruel; then this farce coins attacks and fans ran into the stadium took place . British police immediately deployed to endure, the away fans protected, separated by supporters of both teams, the Red Devils fans enjoy the stay in the stadium after the game shouting screaming, Fiat to vent their happiness. After the match, after a sold-out their half-hour wait, tired Mancini appeared frustrated, first talked to him about the perception of the game, Manchester United reaffirmed respect for such a formidable opponent, and praised Van Persie is Premier League’s best signings this year; an independent newspaper questioned the timing of his substitutions today, Mancini is a rare admitted improper own arrangements, this bit set to continue aggressive questioning Balotelli instead of Edin Dzeko starting Mancini quite unhappy, said: “Since you know so you can come take my position to try?” Obviously, as a commander is defeated depressed, especially after losing such an important game. After the war ended, outside the stadium quickly restored calm on Monday began a busy office workers are required to open a new week, life still has to continue; Yes, it is undeniable Manchester tonight belongs to the red, but who knows what tomorrow ?

Mancini Manchester United lore because I 爱巴洛特利 row wall failure

Palestinian fury of God ruthless stare godfather to leave Manchester United fans after the game was besieged December 9 evening 21:30, 201213 English Premier League season, the focus of the first 16 World War II staged at Al Ittihad Stadium, sits at home against Manchester City city ​​rivals Manchester United. Two teams of fans dedicated to a classic soul-stirring battle, with Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scored twice in the first half, made ​​two goals lead, the second half Manchester City launched a Jedi by Yaya Toure and Pablo Zabaleta Lianban two goals. In injury time, Van Persie scored a direct free kick on the road to help Manchester United Manchester City lore. After the game, Manchester City 15 league games unbeaten start to the season, cross-season home games unbeaten 37 was the end, while Manchester United get four in a row, continues to occupy the top spot, and extended the lead to six points. After the game, Mancini said in an interview: “In the derby is always difficult to accept losing, losing more difficult to accept that the way is lore at the last minute we have played the entire second half is. well, I was quite disappointed with this result. Manchester United’s first two scoring opportunities on all converted into goals, but we totally dominated in the next game, and the match and I think we in the final defense Persie when kick made ​​a mistake, we should not only discharged three of the wall, I think I will arrange four of the wall, but at that time I have not been communicated to the instructions on the pitch and this led to our mistake at the last moment conceded we should be able to better defend the free kick, we even have a chance to win the game, but after the final whistle sounded, do any of the efforts were in vain. “Mancini subsequently in the second half of his outset replaced Balotelli made ​​the explanation: “Mario did not do on the pitch today, we want him to complete the work, but he has an amazing talent, I 爱巴洛特利, Whether as a player or a person, but he needs to prove he can show his talent in the game today Balotelli arrangements I think the defense is starting to make his Manchester United can give more than enough trouble, I replaced him because I did not want him to waste his talent on the pitch, “Mancini was asked last tasted league experience this season, after the first defeat, he said:.” for us, nothing will change, we need to continue to work hard, we still have a long way to go and we have proved in the season we can slip in too many cases, the final points to win and my players are eager to win, this spirit can help us as soon as possible to come out from the shadow of defeat, I still believe we can get this season’s league and FA Cup double winners . Well, let’s continue talking about england soccer news.. “ruthless stare godfather Palestinian fury of God to leave Manchester United fans after the game was besieged people can not step twice into the same river, as the bar of God can not always windy Manchester City Derby. Dream Theater last season, scored twice off the hook, show “Why always me?” Shook the world famous bar of God, died down in the field Hutch remarkable meeting, attributed to silence his heroic stance of the desire to detonate Iraq Di Hade, but eventually had to leave like a clown, Baiyuncanggou, when life also. Face the Red Devils, of course, looking forward to yesterday once the bar of God, the former Manchester City Half are three great offensive threat with him: The first six minutes before the bar of God left rib 28 yards outside the field free kick was struggling to flutter Degea out; 5 minutes Houxierwa the ball Clichy cross from the left, after the Palestinian point of outflanking the face of God, half empty, right foot volley hit the super-large aircraft manufacturing unexpectedly; first 15 minutes Manchester City fought back, the bar of God Zhisai find Aguero, who destroyed Degea stopping mistakes. Three minutes before halftime, Barry Ferdinand back as strong leaning back to do, Barry 16 yards left foot shot missed. After the second half began, losing patience Mancini did not give too many opportunities to show the bar of God, who replaced him with Carlos Tevez in the first 51 minutes of Super Mario, Italy, under the direct demon front fury toward the locker room. After the anger fading, the bar of God to return to the bench, watching his Manchester City did not play better even pull two balls, but eventually more powerful Van Persie lore, Wanjiebubao. 2 shots hit 1 0 goals, 27 pass 20 times in place, five successful header Zhengding 2, 2 times extraordinary, once sent key ball, play the bar of God can only be used to describe the formal striker partner Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez much stronger than he was, a super substitute Edin Dzeko if it can get a little more playing time, Threatened Savior is also not impossible. God for the Pakistan team played the second lowest in 4 minutes: “He sometimes move in phase behind Aguero, active without the ball, but the striker failed to show character, no wonder Mancini open play after the second half it replaced the “authoritative” sky Sports “is mercilessly to the bar of God played a minimum of 4 points Manchester City audience, comments succinctly:”!! disappointing, “Do not blame the British media mean, green lakes already in the success of Heroes, not to mention on the status bar of God this season, he’s capable of starting lineup in Manchester derby is already a miracle. Since November, the bar of God on behalf of Manchester City played only two games starting with Manchester United’s key battle is his 3rd starting to play on behalf of the Blue Moon. 16 Premier League cruised before, the bar of God only one league goal in hand, with Tevez’s seven goals, Dzeko 6 goals, Aguero’s five goals in stark contrast. Super Mario Mancini betting against all the odds, is the hope he can carry on the season, Yu Yong, Manchester United to create a strong psychological deterrent. Little do they know that this moment was the secret weapon of every game is not effective, the Manchester United defender on the Ba unmarked to make it the focus of God completely misfiring, not to mention the current postman, far from its best last season. Although Balotelli on the pitch like never grow up, but he has been upgraded Dangdie! On Wednesday Balotelli’s girlfriend Raffaella in Naples gave birth to a 3.8 kg baby girl and named Pia, meaning “pious”, “sincerity.” When Raffaella childbirth bar of God is not present, he is followed by critical if Mr. Man City in Derby, you can give a small daughter with a goal as the best birthday present, how to Netfox Warriors, get good luck. “If Balotelli loves me and our children, you should marry me!” Raffaella producing female ago, straight from the heart, the court frustrated the bar of God, ready to take on family responsibilities yet?

Commander, who led the team to a resurrection of Manchester United against the war did he disunity

Van Persie lore soar Toure fly a finger poke opponents thigh injury, Silva failed to debut in the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund battle, so Manchester City fans on tenterhooks, worried that the engine will be like when the midfielder injured in October as a long-term vacation, absence Manchester derby. Fortunately Silva firing back, with exciting play in this crucial game, helping the team and city rivals Manchester United deal until the last minute. The campaign Silva slightly slow in the first half when Manchester City team performance under conditions of poor play dull, only the first 10 minutes had sent a note to Clichy exquisite long pass over the top, creating a certain danger. And after the second half began, Silva was gradually found the feeling, the threat of a full shot several times, Yaya Toure grain through three-foot shot that goal, the first of which is from 2-foot shot Silva. The first 78 minutes, then Nasri Zhise Silva into the match, after deduction Lengshe kick off Patrice Evra, the ball was touched Degea shoulder, hit the post. In addition to a shot away. Silva will sort out Manchester City in the front court to order, even after the first 68 minutes as Tevez steals Zhise sent subtle, but unfortunately the Argentines in front single opportunity too hesitant, failed to complete the break. According to statistics show the whole game contributed Silva Manchester City up to 52 passes, three extraordinary successful in all three shots are all hit the target, failed to score or assist is really a matter of luck. Media after the game to be sure of Silva’s performance, “Sky Sports” played 7 minutes: “After his injury energetic”, and will be given a higher degree of praise for its highest team play Manchester City 8 points, that “Silva is a critical factor in the game.” In fact, Manchester City Neiekuiluo, Tevez, Nasri, who are super-man combat capability, but these players have needed an engine type figure them together, Silva is complete this the best choice of a task, the Spaniard has a superior ability to read the game, the ball always delivered to the most appropriate place to revitalize the team’s offense. October Silva on behalf of the team injured truce in January, in the meantime, every game Manchester City’s offensive group sleepwalking, repeatedly rely Dzeko Savior until Silva returned from injury last season, pull dry rot destroy a small area with style was able to reproduce. Silva last season in 30 league appearances, to produce a 6 goals and 14 assists in the transcripts, who helped the team win the final, but affected by injuries this season, Silva so far only one goals and two assists. Manchester City currently has six points behind Manchester United in the standings, but if they wanted to repeat the play from behind in the last quarter, Mancini must now make Silva hold a good state, after the Manchester City squad, only midfielder Magic division commanders in order to avoid re-entering the fragmented nature of the Manchester City situation, and be able to share part of the fatigue Yaya Toure endless pressure. Van Persie lore soar Toure a finger poke fly domestic rivals as England’s most outstanding goalkeeper, Hart this season still has a good performance, especially in the Champions League, often staged personal classic battle, called the Manchester City squad in the most stability of a ring .Besides, when talking about Premier League man utd kit 14/15 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: , many fans love the site. Well, let’s continue talking about england soccer news.. However, the key battle Manchester derby league champion trend this decision, the Hart again but failed to save the team, he ripped the door guarded by Manchester United three times, also includes the use of a Van Persie free kick in stoppage time to complete lore. Must be acknowledged that there is no significant relationship for Hart after two goals, but need to be responsible for the first goal, to know that Rooney was neither part kicked in, although the perspective is somewhat unexpected, but it is not the strength, Hart standard is fully capable saved the ball. And when dealing with Ashley Young offside goal that controversial, has always been known for fast response Hart also somewhat nerve slow. Technical statistics after the game even more surprising, the past will always dedicate several brilliant saves in the game Hart, the game actually no time to fight! Manchester United the whole game only 3 foot shot hit the goal area, but Hart’s poor performance, making all three shots converted into goals. Hart poor performance, but the total was accused British media criticism Degea but has the color of the play. In fact, since last month after wisdom teeth surgery, Degea array has been Manchester United goalkeeper Linde Gardner, another claimed the starting position, only in a training match against Cluj over-played record. The game Linde Gardner excused absences, so Degea return to starting, and the game show a very excellent condition, even better than the Premier League’s top goalkeeper Hart has a more exciting to play. Spain goalkeeper full play to their excellent technical characteristics of the gate line, if it was his high-low block, lest rivals Manchester United had a crash in the second half of the frenzied counterattack. A most commendable fighting, Silva is the first 78 minutes into the match, after Patrice Evra Lengshe go past, it was too late to reach the Degea With fighting instinct. To block the ball with his shoulder on the post! According to technical statistics of the whole game, yet there are seven times Degea saves, and Hart 0 times fighting in stark contrast. In addition, the young man has also been progress, the ability to deal with high balls despite the often-criticized, but also has several campaign Degea opponent with his fist hit the performance of high-altitude bombing. As a representative of the Premier League’s outstanding young goalkeeper, Hart and Degea more times in the future there will be face to face opportunities, I am afraid that in the next few years, the Manchester derby, they will use their wonderful performance team doors are not secure loss, and a battle of wits between the two goalkeepers, will also continue to be the focus of attention.

Manchester City 3 bane To win is hard to find a 20-year championship talk about how wealthy the weakest burst

Nova shovel dusty hope Mancini watch the game end signal Yi Duna Park Stadium no miracle site in Dortmund, Manchester City 01 lost only two consecutive seasons Champions League, and the bottom ranked team missed the European Cup. 3 draws, 3 losses, a win is hard to find, despite the fact that Manchester City are deep group of death, but the Premier League champions this die, is really appalling. Data for the card: UEFA Champions League since the restructuring, Manchester City’s first 20 years without victory in the group stage of the England team! Not only that, the UEFA Champions League Manchester City or historical identity of the second branch to the group out of the bottom of the Premier League champions. The last time such a disgrace champions England, dates back to the 1995/1996 season, a short-lived Blackburn .  Real Madrid, Dortmund, Ajax in Group D with, seems to have been destined to Manchester City’s tragedy, but even the most pessimistic Blue Moon fans probably will not think that their team not even the Dutch Young Guard but are dry. Manchester City spending billions of dollars to build a gold team, return home just three draws, lack of Champions League experience, away phobias and Mancini foreign wars outsider “gene”, so Sky Blue Army crashed out in the group stage settling only can be witnessed in the other group rivals Manchester United running away figure, unlimited sigh. Backtracking group stage process, Manchester City is not no chance, but they lack the advantage of converting a winning situation, the ability to protect the fruits of victory. It’s no wonder, in addition to the brothers Toure, Nasri, Tevez, etc. a few people, a team of experienced persons array of rare Champions League, Champions League and intensity, rhythm, atmosphere and pressure, and the Premier League is quite different. Opener Real Madrid, Manchester City twice leading the situation is excellent, almost three points in their pocket, but who could have guessed the team’s defense in the final three minutes to crash, Hart guarding the goal sequence is ripped Benzema and C Luo, Xianyinghoushu the “black door” to make Manchester City the commanders feel humiliated. Losing is not terrible, terrible is because of a ball lost momentum, confidence and morale, the soldiers of the Champions League Manchester City to pay tuition, really too expensive. Second World War Dortmund, Balotelli Manchester City last-minute penalty to make the dragon born days to get a minute, before Game 2 and 1 loss results though garish, but not unacceptable. The third battle lost to Ajax away 13 games, became the last straw that breaks Manchester City, Nasri scored to break the deadlock, attracted more crazy comeback opponent, De Jong, Mo Yisang Germany, Eriksson broke, destroying not only the physical defense of Manchester City, as well as psychological defense. The next two consecutive home, Manchester City are in a difficult situation behind tie with Dortmund’s finale, the Blue Moon is almost strategic abandon Derby stay in force, the ink away nearly 3 war scars become a disgrace Premiership champions. Coach incompetence exhausted forces, the remark is true. Mancini set to play league, but led the team to the Champions League campaign, he defect formations, tactical deployment of random, spot command and ineffective short board exposed. Very sensitive and strong adversaries frequent evolutions, Mancini not only repeatedly between 3 and 4 back swing guard, the employment context is also indecisive, team cohesion and team spirit nature of the question, Richards et al have openly gun his tactical bombers. Last Stand at Manchester City before qualifying hopes to maintain when the mouth, Mancini hesitation and conservatism have ruined a good Board, if his boss is Abu Italians already fired. 3 draws, 3 losses without victory, scoring 7 goals to lose 11 balls, six field goals conceded arena team, ranked bottom team three points, even the European Cup seats are not fishing, Manchester City this season’s Champions League achievement called clumsy. To know Manchester City last season, missed the group stages, although the same, after all, also in six games to get 10 points, after a lapse of five years and a Bremen still get 10 points out of the team, glorious defeat . Manchester City dismal performance of foreign wars, and its last two seasons in the Premier League in stark contrast to the strong rise of the Blue Moon in order to truly become wealthy well-deserved first win in the Champions League qualify to say it!

Ferguson announced that Manchester City midfielder missed the Manchester derby prophecy died infighting

Ferguson won the award unsportsmanlike play Manchester City fans hooked on the weekend, when Manchester United beat Reading 43 behind twice, with the advantages of this victory will continue to expand the standings, before the arrival of Manchester City Derby, Manchester City has three points ahead . Although Manchester United beat Reading Order extended the lead, but Sir Alex Ferguson was not happy, outspoken team has the worst football season kicked the postgame news conference, the day after Manchester United boss and poke a relatively “tragedy” of the news, just restore the state’s Brazilian midfielder Anderson injured, is expected to be sidelined for several weeks, would definitely miss this weekend’s Manchester City Derby, “Unfortunately, Anderson hamstring injury, he will be out for a few weeks, his recent performance is very good, just still play into a beautiful goal, his injury made ​​me very depressed. “then explained the game against Reading last weekend replaced Rafael first half, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said,” I let the play is to enhance Smalin highly defensive line, Raphael to be replaced very disappointed that he is one of the best players we have this season. “It should be noted that, when Rafael Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to end very dissatisfied, Manchester United manager took the initiative to shake hands with him, the Brazilian right-back and even management are ignored, directly back to the locker room. Sir Alex Ferguson unhappy after Rafael benched, then became the topic of Fleet Street stir once considered the Brazilian left-back could be Stam, David Beckham and Roy Keane and other players, and one is forcibly expelled Manchester United player. Fortunately, there is no contradiction between Sir Alex Ferguson and Rafael, Manchester United manager, then count allay the doubts Brazilian defender heart. In addition to talking about their own team under the circumstances, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is also eyeing city rivals Manchester City, Champions League this weekend to go to war again, this is the season the last game of the group stage, Blue Moon can stay in the war in Europe, it see the results of the last game, Sir Alex Ferguson says Manchester City out if the war in Europe, the next is to their advantage, you can concentrate on playing the game, but there will be infighting covertly, because Manchester City had already from the Carling Cup exit, has a huge the team can only play a few matches. “I do not think in terms of losing the club is healthy.” Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said, “Although you can make out from the Champions League in the second half you have a relatively abundant physical, but on the other hand, less competition, you how to make every player happy? Manchester City in the League Cup already out, and if it out of the Champions League, the game less difficult to give players the opportunity to power. “coming against Manchester City, Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson ordered to be changed a little, and that is in the game can not be the first to lose the ball, after the Red Devils in many games before their own door was broken, although the reversal is successful, but play against Manchester City, once thought behind it is very difficult to regain, “Manchester derby is an important game, if our defense or so, we will have big trouble. “Van Persie lore soar Toure a finger poke fly derby rivals Manchester City, brilliant. Seeing Rooney Pom Ittihad would fall, but Yaya Toure and Pablo Zabaleta goal in turn pull the two sides back to the same starting line. Unfortunately, it is a blessing not a curse, a curse not escape, Robin van Persie free kick before the whistle lore, knocked the hell home blue moon, also reported the Red Devils last season derby defeat 16 revenge. After this war, the Premier League this season, Manchester City’s unbeaten record was finally fixed in 15 games, a team of up to 37 games unbeaten Premier League record to an abrupt end, the top league club history tied up to a record 22 consecutive games unbeaten also this shattered dreams. Premier League title race this season, last season, are like “Super Man” yesterday to reproduce: cruised before 15, from Manchester to occupy the top two teams, there are only two points and up to 30 + Premier League team. In the field of the tip-to-head in the derby, Manchester United came out on top, a ball win over city rivals Manchester City, Al Ittihad is no longer a blue moon that piece bulletproof body armor. Since December 20, 2010 12 home defeat to Everton, Manchester City opened up a two-year unbeaten home Premiership journey, they just beyond Manchester United 36 games unbeaten in the Premier League in the last round, then in round was the Red Devils cut the horse, unlimited glory thereon ashes. Mourinho era to challenge Chelsea 86 Premier League unbeaten home record? It all over again! As the Premier League’s first-ever two consecutive seasons before 14 remain undefeated teams, Manchester City before the league this season, 15 wins and 6 9 Ping defeat hard to find, is the only Premier League team without breaking the golden statue. In addition, the Manchester City defender also experienced the ups and downs of getting better early in the season, just before the 15 lost 11 balls, was the Premier League’s best defensive team, but even though this is a reinforced concrete defense, it is difficult to resist the United the strong impact. After the war lost by Derby, Manchester City Premier League this season unbeaten passed away, and tied the club lost opportunity on the longest continuous history of the top league unbeaten record .Besides, when talking about Premier League cheap soccer uniforms 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: , many fans love the site. Well, let’s continue talking about england soccer news.. 19361937 season, Cardiff City manager Will Stewart led the team to create a top-league record of 22 consecutive games unbeaten, as long as the previous 21 league games unbeaten Blue Moon can score points in the derby, the club can be tied consecutive undefeated record, but Mancini and his disciples did not let the dream into reality. Manchester City Champions League for the second consecutive season, making Mancini bear the enormous pressure. The Board has for his club to build a 440 million pounds of TAG array, however, even in the Premier League title this season’s Champions League group stage bottom, not only difficult to get a win, and even seats in the European Cup did not groan, it is a great insult. Sheikh Mansour has Fangchuhualai, Mancini If you can not led the team in the Premier League this season, the defending champions would certainly class, while last season’s runner-up to Manchester United on goal difference inferior strong return, have cruised before 16 leading Manchester City 6 multi-thirds. Fortunately, early goodbye to the League Cup, Manchester City and thorough say goodbye to the war in Europe, the league and FA Cup this season, only two lines combat missions, Mancini will mainly concentrate on the Premier League can defend plans in the past, while Manchester United is inevitable as much line operations are tired. Open schedule, Manchester City in 2012 left four games, three off a main, which is not a small blue moon test. Despite Newcastle United, Sunderland, Norwich is not what teams, but Manchester City on the road has always been insufficient stability, the ability to achieve good results in continuous fighting off the journey is hard to say, after all, expensive for the Premier League leader Manchester United sheep, have upset a ball away defeat to Norwich. To successfully defending champions, Manchester every game must be taken seriously, and strive to gradually approaching the points gap with Manchester United, otherwise wait for them, perhaps nothing being done will be a season.